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Whoever Crashes in Mexico, Stays in Mexico

U.S. and Canadian auto insurance plans do not cover your vehicle once it crosses into Mexico. Mexican authorities simply do not recognize it, and thus, you will need to purchase vehicle insurance from a Mexican insurance provider if you intend to drive in Mexico. Being caught without insurance underwritten by Mexican authorities most likely will result in jail time. What’s worse, if you are injured... Read Article

Maintaining A Clean Driving Record That Is Free Of Accidents

Finally, those with excellent credit may find that they can enjoy better automobile insurance rates based on credit score. This is simply due to the fact that an excellent credit score will typically indicate that an individual is more responsible. Insurance companies consider this metric and may indeed offer better insurance rates for this reason. As an added note, driving safely is also a great... Read Article

Car Insurance Rates Can Vary Widely

Other common ways to enjoy discounts with regard to automobile insurance include membership with certain organizations and groups. Consult with your insurance provider to know for sure what discounts may be offered or made available. Another often-overlooked way of saving money on automobile insurance is to simply choose carefully when purchasing a car. Car insurance rates can vary widely based on the type of car... Read Article

Take Full Advantage Of Any Discounts

However, as a note of caution, those raising their deductible substantially should be expected to accept a larger financial burden if ever there is an automobile accident. As such, automobile owners should only consider raising their deductible when taking all of their personal finances into account. In short, raising the deductible should be done with care and caution. An equally important way of saving money... Read Article

Tips For Saving Money On Automobile Insurance

There are a number of ways that automobile owners can save money on auto insurance. Auto-insurance is a legal requirement - but there are some aspects of car insurance that can be adjusted as necessary to reduce the cost of caring auto insurance. For example, raising the deductible is perhaps one of the most noticeable and easiest ways to modify how much money is being... Read Article