Common Disqualifications for Life Insurance

At AZ Insurance Center, we take pride in bringing people the comfort they deserve. Knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of an unfortunate accident or unexpected illness is essential for securing peace of mind. However, not everyone qualifies for life insurance. Below are a few reasons why.

A Serious Health Condition

This is the number one reason that folks are turned down for life insurance. Someone with cancer or a recent heart attack will typically be declined for a traditional life insurance policy. Certain conditions such as diabetes require a high-risk life insurance package. If you have a debilitating health condition, consult an agent at AZ Insurance Center to help asses alternative life insurance plans.

You are an Extreme Person

A good example of this is dealt with in a Ben Stiller movie called Along Came Polly, in which a conservative insurance agent decides to insures a risk taking billionaire, who SCUBA dives, base-jumps, and wrestles crocodiles. At AZ Insurance Center, we might have a difficult time insuring this client. People are usually considered high risk if they live away from the country, are deployed on military service, or have a history of excessive risk taking.


If you only make 25k/year, then it will be difficult to secure a decent life insurance policy. Most applicants qualify for 20-30 times their annual income. So, the more you make the better your chances are of approval.


If you’ve filed for Chapter 7, then you will typically be declined coverage for at least 12 months after the paper work is filed. But if you can show a history of regular debt payments, then you may qualify for life insurance.

DUI’s, Criminal Behavior, and Self-Destructive Behavior 

If you’ve had three DUI’s in the past years, then life insurance is probably not an option. If you have one or two, you may qualify for life insurance depending on additional variables. If you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, major depression and hospitalization due to mental disorders, then life insurance can be difficult to secure, but not impossible. Felonies, are taken into account when deciding to grant life insurance policies. Time away from the felony increases the chances of insurance.

May 14th, 2015 by AZ Insurance Center