Highway Safety Tips

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. This is the entire reason the insurance industry exists. We are here to support people if an accident does occur. However, our preference is to see accidents disappear forever. In an effort to make the roads a little more safe, we offer a few of our quick highway safety tips. This tips are easy to adopt and could go a long way towards keeping you and your family safe.

Clearly Signal your Intentions

Clearly signaling your intentions when you are behind the wheel of a car is one of the primary tenants of defensive driving. When you are about to merge onto the highway, activate your turn signal before you check all of your mirrors and your blind spot. Take a few moments before you initiate your lane change. If other drivers on the road have a clear indication as to what maneuver you are going to be performing, the odds of getting into an accident will decrease dramatically.

Follow at an Appropriate Distance

This is another tenant of defensive driving. Following at the appropriate distance give you the best chance to avoid an accident if something unanticipated occurs. What if the driver ahead of you blows out a tire or comes to a sudden stop? You need to be able to react appropriately. As a general rule, you should keep one car length between you and the vehicle you are following for every 5 MPH you are traveling. The faster you are moving, the more room you need to leave.

Follow the Speed Limit

Speaking of moving fast, the best way to stay safe on the highway is to follow the speed limit. Excessive speed almost always increases the severity of an accident. It also increases the likelihood of being involved in an accident. When you are moving at an excessive speed you have less control over the car, and less of a chance to react if something does occur.

November 1st, 2015 by AZ Insurance Center