Safety Precautions For Protecting A Home From Flooding

Maintaining flood insurance is one of the best ways to protect a home from the unexpected. However, that said there are some excellent ways that homeowners can greatly reduce the likelihood of encountering a flood situation. For example, avoiding building a home in a known flood zone is one of the most essential elements of steering clear of any potential flood related problems.

Monitor Television And Radio Information

In addition, the proper placement and construction of floodwalls, barriers and other similar devices intended to stop floodwater can be an important aspect of protecting a home over the long term. Even the installation of seawalls that make use of proper waterproofing compounds can greatly reduce the chances of water damage in a basement or other low-lying area of the home. Anytime a flood is anticipated it is important for homeowners to monitor television and radio information to stay abreast of the latest weather activities.

Ready To Evacuate On Short Notice

For example, knowing the difference between a flood warning and a flood watch can help homeowners prepare accordingly when a flood is anticipated. In short, a flood watch simply means that flooding may occur. Conversely, an actual flood warning indicates that flooding is likely to occur or will occur in a very short period of time. Any time a flood situation is imminent it is important for homeowners to prepare accordingly. This includes being ready to evacuate on short notice. Having all medications and all essentials ready to go under these conditions is always a good idea. When advised to evacuate a home because of flooding it is recommended that homeowners follow the directions of local agencies.

Walk Where Water Is Not Moving

When an actual flood event is in progress it is important for everyone to avoid walking through swiftly moving water. Even just a few inches of fast-moving water can cause an elderly individual or young child to fall and be swept away. Play it safe and avoid all fast-moving water when flood conditions are occurring. When choosing to walk through flooded areas choose to walk where water is not moving. It is equally important to never drive in a flooded area or while a flood is in progress. This can cause a vehicle to be moved swiftly and carried away. Contact AZ Insurance Center today for flood insurance in Tucson Arizona.

March 24th, 2015 by AZ Insurance Center