Teen Driving Tips

At AZ Insurance Center, we are in the business of protecting people. When it comes to the road, driving is indeed a privilege. Many young drivers are so eager to jump on the road, begin cruising, and embark on one of the first milestones for becoming an adult. But teens ought to rein in their enthusiasm and focus only onsafe driving.

Turn Cell Phones Off

This is the single most important safety precaution anyone can take. Turning your cell-phone off when driving is the single safest thing a teen can do. Several studies indicate that driving while texting is more dangerous than driving drunk. What’s more, texting and driving is illegal in most states. Nothing could be more disappointing then earning your license, only to have it taken away as soon you get it—nothing except fatally injuring another because of texting and driving.

Stay within the Speed Limit

Obeying the laws of the road requires adherence to the speed limit. Indeed, speeding in the teen community is common, and it undeniably results in many avoidable fatalities. Don’t become be ensnared by the pressure of showing off to your friends, or that girl in the passenger seat you are trying to impress. Keeping the object of your affection safe is far more important than peacocking your feathers. In my experience the latter has only worked a few times.

Defensive Driving

This is the most important part. The difference between a competent driver and a good driver is that the latter is worried about everyone else. You may be the best driver on the road, but if you become complacent with your vehicular prowess, then you may end up like the Cyclops of the Odyssey—with a beam in your eye.

June 4th, 2015 by AZ Insurance Center