Whoever Crashes in Mexico, Stays in Mexico

U.S. and Canadian auto insurance plans do not cover your vehicle once it crosses into Mexico. Mexican authorities simply do not recognize it, and thus, you will need to purchase vehicle insurance from a Mexican insurance provider if you intend to drive in Mexico. Being caught without insurance underwritten by Mexican authorities most likely will result in jail time. What’s worse, if you are injured in an accident without Mexican auto insurance you will be prevented from departing the country and securing the proper medical care you need.
Protecting yourself in Paradise
Often, west coasters flock to the sandy beaches of Mexico to get away from it all, and spend some quality time with their loved ones as they soak up the sun. The beautiful beaches, warm climate, and outrageously low prices make the destination ideal. The exposure to the vibrant Mexican culture is always an exciting way to engage the mind and enjoy the little things in life. But this paradise can quickly turn into a waking nightmare if one fails to secure auto insurance underwritten by a Mexican insurance company.
First off, if your car is stolen in Mexico without Mexican auto insurance, or damaged, there is absolutely no chance of recouping your losses. You will be forced to hitch-hike back to Mexico, take the bus, or maybe run across the border. Secondly, the liability insurance covered by your US insurance provider will not be recognized by Mexican authorities in the event of a crash. Thus, if an accident occurs without coverage from a recognized Mexican insurance policy, you will be held personally liable for the damages by the Mexican government. Needless to say, this is not a position you want to be in. At the very least, make sure you secured liability insurance from a provider recognized by the Mexican authorities—AZ Insurance Center is just looking out for you.

April 15th, 2015 by AZ Insurance Center